The Importance of Travel Fiber

What is Travel Constipation?

We’ve all been there. It’s 6:37 a.m., and you’re in the Uber on the way to the airport to make your flight to your vacation that you’ve been planning for months and are so excited. You get to the airport a couple of hours early, make it through TSA, and vacation mode hits. You have a pre-flight mimosa (maybe two), grab a McWhatever, swing by the airport store for some extra snacks, and get ready to wait for your name to be called for boarding. 

Hours later, you’re at your connection in Florida and realize…”Huh, I haven’t pooped yet today.” Thinking it’ll happen eventually, you carry on and snag some more food, have another drink (or three), celebrate your new-found sense of freedom, and board your next flight to your tropical getaway. 

Finally, after a whole day of travel, multiple flights, a copious amount of social lubricant, and who knows how much airport food, you reach the hotel and unpack to get your vacay underway, but still…haven’t pooped—two days in, three days in, and still nothing. The panic sets in—the mood shifts. Suddenly, your gut is all you can think about. You urgently try to use the restroom and push and push and push with little to no results. You’re backed up.

If you’re anything like us, this experience is nothing we haven’t had to tackle firsthand when out on vacation or even just traveling for work. There’s nothing worse than knowing you have all this waste building up inside you after days of eating and drinking who knows what. Travel constipation is a sad reality that we all have to face at one point or another, and it’s caused by a plethora of reasons, all relating to different functions within your gut.

How Travel Impacts Digestion

Your gut is one of your body's most sophisticated and complex structures. Think of it as your second brain. Like your brain, the gut is influenced by many factors, which, if thrown out of equilibrium, can cause a flood of issues in the body. 

Traveling is hard! It’s rough on the body, gut, and stomach. Everybody gets that airport food is not the best, and couple that with drinking, stress, and new environments– you’ve got a recipe for a backed-up bum

Not only is the gut microbiome highly sensitive to these changes, but without additional support to get things moving, you can find yourself in a very sticky situation (in more ways than one). Taking care of yourself before traveling and during your time away from the real world is essential to make sure you stay regular and keep your movements moving.

5 Hacks to Stay Regular on the Road:

  1. Take Fiber: A fiber supplement helps ensure you don’t become constipated while traveling. Not only does this bulk up your stools and help you maintain regular bowel movements, but it also helps to ensure you consistently have the necessary nutrients in your body, never to miss a beat while you’re out on the street.
    A fiber supplement helps ensure you don’t become constipated while traveling.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Drinking lots of water is vital to maintaining a regular schedule with your gut health. Not only does it hydrate the tissues and muscles in and around your small and large intestines, but it also helps to move things along. By staying hydrated, you avoid the trap of drying out your gut, causing it to struggle with excreting the waste your body produces.

  3. Prep with Pre & Probiotics: Pre and probiotics ensure your gut microbiome stays tip-top while traveling. Travel can expose you to a host of new environments, people, foods, and bacteria that can drastically impact the contents of your microbiome. There’s a reason they say not to drink the water when traveling outside the country - the bacteria will hit your gut like a freight train and cause many issues if you’re not careful.

  4. Stay Active: A healthy lifestyle is excellent for managing stress and anxiety while ensuring you get the necessary blood flow to all your organs. Staying active also provides your body with an appropriate way to push waste and toxins along while maintaining proper filtering through the kidneys, liver, and gut. Exercise isn’t just so you can look snatched, okay?                          A healthy lifestyle is excellent for managing stress and anxiety while ensuring you get the necessary blood flow to all your organs.
  5. Swap the Cocktails for Coffee: Drop the mimosa, put down the bloody mary, and stay away from that double G&T before you board the plane. By avoiding alcohol and opting for a black coffee or espresso, you’ll be doing your body and your booty a favor. Coffee is a natural diuretic, which means it assists your body with pushing things out and encourages regular movements. And no, an espresso martini doesn’t count. Don’t even try to squeeze that one by us.

Why Fiber Matters

When taking a trip or getting away, you must stay aware of your gut and how it’s impacted. Not only to keep yourself healthy and avoid any issues but also for the sake of peace of mind and to make sure you’re ready for whatever the trip brings.

You want to enjoy everything during the vacation, right? That’s where fiber comes in. If it’s not something you considered before, you’ll consider it after dealing with travel constipation. A daily fiber supplement keeps you regular before, during, and after your time on the road or in the sky, and it keeps you prepped and raring to go for even the most spontaneous moments along your trip.

Bringing along a fiber supplement while traveling is always a good idea to ensure you’re only getting stuffed on your terms - if you catch my drift.

3 Benefits of Traveling with Fiber:

  1. Keeps You Regular: Fiber is there to bulk you up. This means that it will latch on to any leftover bits trapped in the grooves of your colon and help you push those puppies out when you need to. This is great for keeping your movements consistent and ensuring that you aren’t trapped on the porcelain thrown when you should be out flirting with the cabana boy on the pool deck.

  2. Eat Less Junk: Because fiber naturally expands, you will feel more full after taking it. By adding a daily fiber supplement into your regimen and taking it with you on your trips, you’ll be doing your gut and waistline a favor.

  3. Balance the Gut: Fiber is great for keeping everything regulated. By ensuring you’re moving things along, nothing is getting trapped, you’re eating less, and maintaining a good schedule, your gut microbiome will flourish in all the right ways. By pushing things along, you’ll leave room for the right bacteria to do the right things in the right places and give your gut the help it needs to ensure you’re optimizing digestion and nutrient absorption while also working to limit inflammation from a build-up of toxins and excess waste just sitting in your body. 

The Pure for Men Difference

Pure for Men’s daily fiber supplement is a proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients designed to help you stay ready for life’s most spontaneous moments. These supplements make a great addition to your daily routine and are an even better inclusion in your travel plans. By keeping your movements consistent, you won’t have to worry about how your trip will impact your gut and can carry yourself confidently while having the time of your life away from…your life. 

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